X1 RED Hoverboard 6.5 inch bluetooth speaker



Full charging distance:
20km (depends on rider’s weight, road conditions, etc)
Max climbing angle:
30° (depends on rider’s weight)
36V * 4.4AH (158WH) lithium battery
Motor power:
2 x 350w
Full charging time:
3 hours
580 * 180 * 180mm (LxWxH)
Tire size:
6.5 inch
Net weight:
Maximum weight limit:
Package includes:
  • Hoverboard X1
  • Power NZ charger X1
  • Instruction x 1
  • Main unit X1
  • 1 year warranty applied (does not cover any physical damage)


All our hoverboards are UL certified meaning they’re compliant with the highest safety standards. If you keep your hoverboard in good shape, you’ll never need to worry about issues causing an abrupt end to the shenanigans.

Our hoverboards offer thrills, entertainment, and practicality at a remarkably affordable price. Key features include:

  • Sexy, modern design
  • Needle bearings for flexibility
  • Microswitch so you can ride in colder temperatures
  • Dural channels bluetooth speaker
  • Stable suspension structure for increased load capacity
  • Special battery case protection